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OMG... I understand reviews can hurt your feelings but....

You asked people to read your book and review it honestly. Getting all bent out of shape, meh... I can understand that, it sucks. But to go on a libel attack and slander someone and emailing people who are tweeting the review or sharing it and causing others to be put in an uncomfortable position by publicly and privately attacking them.. Well?? I am, totally fucking done! As in over it ... WAY way over it!


So.. you can take my flying monkeys and let them fly up your ass. If I decide to review any authors book from now on (indie authors) I will be researching and stalking your public feeds to make sure it is SAFE for me to even read it. I get emotionally involved in my reading. I won't be taking on things that could possibly cause problems anymore, not that I am backing down. If I do happen to read a book that was not what it promised to be and I feel impassioned as I was earlier this week to review it... I will!


So... you know what?? Wanna write a book? GREAT! Calling me a troll because I have a lot of readers over at Cabin Goddess who share said review and get bent out of shape? Not my problem and not very smart as a career move! I didn't write the review for the author, I wrote the review for my readers, some of them may happen to be authors. However... I do hereby promise NEVER to fart rainbows all over the place and kiss your ass! I promise to ALWAYS be honest. If you cannot handle that??? You really are in the wrong business!