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Taking one for the team... Don't even bother...

Nothing in Particular - Kate Ledonne

Myself and one of my other reviewers read this over the last two days. If you are interested in finding out why I rated this with half a star, have at it... find out why the goats have the right idea and why I am TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM (review)



BTW the author THREATENED to sue me so the goat image got taken down... 




Belw is the what now is on my blog!



"Avoir des relations sexuelles avec moi en cours d'exécution ...."

Since I have been threatened with a lawsuit from the author of "NOTHING IN PARTCULAR" by Kate LeDonne because her book cover and her author image are copyright protected and she was not happy with the review. After much talk and consideration and since I cannot afford a lawyer to fight the bogus charge with my own countersuit of libel, I will remove it from my website. This was never a smear campaign or a form of bullying or anything. It was a review of a book I purchased and I felt was not just poorly written but also irresponsible on many different levels. You will have to read about the book on Amazon and read the sample there also.  Apparently I only can review a book and give it a good review (4 or 5 stars) *insert sarcasm*. I cannot be critical without consequences and as yesterday showed these are not just over the top ridiculous but out of control. They also have caused The Hus to be involved. (see his post). I have to say, with my last critical review the author did not say a word, she was blown away but she never said ONE negative word about it. So I am taking this review down. Sorry guys. If you are interested go to Amazon, she cannot threaten my review there with any consequences being had from me.




AUTHORS -these written reviews are for readers NOT you. I took several hours to read this book and write my review. I asked friends for advice because I was thinking maybe I was not reading it right. I did not slander an individual. I was reading and critiquing a piece of writing. If you don't want that, don't publish your work. I am sorry she felt I was being mean with the goats but I use my goats to promote EVERY review I do. Every book I review I treat with the same respect. Graphics are all hand done by me, authors bio and book buy links, EVERYTHING is the same. I try to make the post pretty. I post my tweets, I am a member of Triberr and I have over 8K combined  email and RSS feed followers not to mention almost 5K on Cabin Goddesses Facebook page and over 6K twitter followers. ALL ORGANIC. You guys read me because you like to hear what I have to say, apparently.


Thank you for all your support.


For the record. I did not get this book for a tour, I did not work to create havoc. I wrote this, SLAVED over the review, sent my tweets out and went to bed. I woke up to find out she had been contacting those who auto-tweet me via Triberr and to others who retweeted me being attacked online. I do not know this woman. I am not taking this review down because she threatened me. She only wins from it being taken off my site, from deleting all my tweets from getting any more exposure from me and my readers. I am taking it down because it has caused people I care about problems which is unfair to them to suffer because I wrote a review an author did not like. Again it was not personal. I never set out to smear anyone, to even fathom that little piece of libel has me shaking my head. To the authors who shared this I appreciate it and I am sorry I caused you any problems. I always am honest. But after careful consideration and the words of Geoff, I am only leaving up the link to Amazon's review (which is the same here) Leanne's can also be found there. It is always OK to post my own opinion. You guys wonder why there are are problems in the Indie world? Look no further. Yesterdays fiasco was a prime example.


I love you all... and as for the goats???



Source: http://cabingoddess.com/2014/08/11/taking-bullet-nothing-particular-originlbookgirl-mondayblogs