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Escape from NY meets Dickens! FANTASTIC and FUN!

The Artful - Wilbert Stanton

I had to put aside my issues about it being some kind of post-pandemic book and just enjoy the immediate immersing of my fantasy bug to enjoy two characters trying to being Twist and Dodger. For someone who not only read but includes Oliver Twist as one of her favorite books I caught a bunch of subtle tribute to Dickens within the actual story lines, but from this futuristic viewpoint.


Personally I found the story absolutely delightful, I could care less that it was not the post-pandemic story, it because a story of the relationship between these two best friends and how it changed and expanded itself into something almost magical and frightening as one friend is racing against time to safe the other.


Don't sell it short and don't expect it to have a bunch of post-pandemic troupes because truthfully this is a story which is a little Escape from NY meets Charles Dickens meets Stand By Me... 


Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.