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Post-Apocalyptic Procedural Mystery on the High Seas

Salt: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller - Colin F. Barnes

I have read short stories by Colin F. Barnes and he has always taken my breath away with his interesting blend of normal troupes twisted into genres they don't usually fit or expect them to be in.


SALT is no excepting. A normal procedural thriller/mystery stuck into a very real and intense post-apocalyptic world of deceit and microcosms of societal conflict with a floating city. 


In the midst of this flotilla with the world having drowned and literally having been flooded, they are the seemly the last survivors. With a virus which is infecting folks and having their filtration systems breaking down they are forced to try to find out if there is anywhere they can get resources.. what they did not and are not equipped to handle is murder and deceit.


This book is AMAZING! And I recommend it to ANYONE who likes both genres or even just one or the other! WHAT a treat to read!