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A cocktail for a mind f***

Pines - Blake Crouch

I am not kidding, this book was a complete mind f***. I had to put it down for a few weeks because of my intensely crazy reading schedule and my life going upside down. But, it never left me. I had nightmares and the feelings evoked from reading this were terrifying. I was so wrapped up in the mystery of WTF and I just wanted him to find out what was going on that when he did?


Chin..hitting floor... mouth agape... muttering HOLY SHI*T!



I am a huge LOST fan, a HUGE fan of crazy shows like X-Files and odd off the wall esoteric weird television which make you think and have nightmares. And Crouch? Well... wow, you will not know what hits you! To see this is going to be made into a TV show makes me so excited! It will be the next X-Files perhaps? Oh one can hope, and no it is NOTHING like x-files but yet... 


Just go grab the book! Me? I am on to read book two!!