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Not even for a first try....

The Last Human - Ink Pieper

I finished it only because I was asked to by the publisher after they saw I grabbed it. Otherwise I would have put it aside much earlier. About 10% of the way through I realized this was an attempt at a high class artsy post apocalyptic read. I read bad books and enjoy them because of the pulp of zombie reads or dystopians these days. It is like a bad movie.


The Last Human was like a badly done independent art film. There was promise, and it was something completely not mainstream but I had to force myself to read it, and I have an MFA in Medieval Lit so this is not above me. It wasn't sophomoric, but it was either edited by someone who was not trained in this type of lyrical artsy style and this is what caused the stunted writing or it just was not all the way there.


I didn't hate the book but I was absolutely not impressed. The idea is a good one, hence two stars. But it was not executed at all to my expectations.