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The Curse Keepers will kill you with its Cliff Hanger but you will LOVE IT!

The Curse Keepers - Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Keepers is not just your usual paranormal read. By using a different mythology for the basis of it’s paranormal aspects, Denise Swank created a wonderful and unique read. I have read several different fictional books based on the  than most of the paranormals I read. This one deals with ancient curses and trapped Native American gods.


There are two main characters, the curse keepers, which carry the story throughout the book; Ellie Lancaster and Collin Daily. I am going to admit before I read this, since it is a series book, I read a few reviews. The difference between the positive and critical reviews were their distaste for Colin. I won’t go into that at the moment but I want you to keep that in mind when you begin to read the book, if you decide.


Ellie is a likable gal. She works on the island she grew up on, still helps with maintaining her families bed and breakfast, has bad luck with men and has a complicated family past. Enough so that she has somehow mentally blocked some very important things, such as the information about the curse and her heritage as a Curse Keeper.

I have read a few books based on the mystery based around The Island of Roanoke, the apparent lost settlement of South Carolina. The settlement is suppose to be somewhere on the island which they live off the shore of S. Carolina. Most of my stories were procedural ones and nothing paranormal. This one caught me off guard because I was not expecting the level of research the author obviously did. 


Collin is an unforgiving dog with a bone. (Remember I told you I was going to go into this). When he steps into Ellie’s life there is magic in the air, Ellie still was not convinced the curse i but she could not deny the chemistry between her and Collin. She also could not trust him, she didn’t trust but a few people with her emotions. And when she tries, she usually is disappointed, (will not spoil but man oh man her current relationship. the man? I want to smack her).


Collin completely tears Ellie a new one to the point of being cruel. This is what people dislike about the book, this is what I actually like. It is realistic. He has been preparing, as he expects her to be doing too, for this his whole life. He is not suppose even meet Ellie, this is the whole reason the curse is broke in the first place! Now that they have a week to close it before the Native American gods who have been trapped for 400 years get loose.


With Ellie not remembering, Collin is going to pissed.. freaked out, and he is a hard-ass who doesn’t feel he deserves good things. The thing is, once you read it? You realize just what is up. Personally I fell in love with Collin when I realized just what was going on. Well then I found out more… but that would be telling to much so I am still somewhat on the fence yet….? AGAIN REAL PEOPLE! REAL reactions.  I don’t like fake wishy-washy crap that is not realistic from people. Plus Collin has no clue Ellie’s father, the former Curse Keeper is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Now that Ellie needs.. no wait, WANTS the information because of what the implications are her father cannot remember.


The characters are solid, in fact Collin was better developed than Ellie, who really is the main protagonist, at least in my opinion. The second half of the book really ramps up and is so much fun. Though the story will not be able to support a never ending series such as those of Kim Harrison or Jim Butcher, but it will be solid American historically and mythological based paranormal mystery series with a ton of potential.

If you are looking for something different in the realm ofa paranormal mystery, with just the right amount of steam (without the raunchiness) and realism too, this series is amazing.  The second one, The Curse Breakers, was released on April 29th by 47North and I cannot wait to dig into my copy!

**OH BTW if I had to wait a year for the next book I may have killed someone. If you have a major issue with cliffhangers be glad book two is out. The end is… I .. I was so mad! I had to wait as it was for the book to come to Amazon to buy and I had to wait for payday so even the three days??? It almost killed me. Review for book two coming soon.