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Amazon Reviews: Appeal Email Address and Misc.

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

From the FAQs linked in review guidelines:  "If you think we got it wrong and removed a customer review that we shouldn’t have, please e-mail review-appeals@amazon.com and we will take another look."


(I do wish they'd put some of the FAQ info directly in the guidelines as those also make it very clear that prohibited promotions include reviews by family members and review exchanges among peers/authors.)


I think some recent confusion about amazon going to "verified purchasers only" reviews is because when writing a review if you click the review tips it says:

"...Your review will be marked as an Amazon Verified Purchase.."

I suspect they meant to say that if you purchased from amazon, you don't have to do anything to mark it as a verified purchase because amazon automatically marks for you rather than meaning no reviews unless a verified purchase. Then some badly behaving author determined to police consumer product opinions read it wrong (color me unsurprised, I remain firmly convinced the best authors are avid readers and the bad ones read about as well as they write.)