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An OK read, not fantastic, but not bad either

No Refuge - Annie Nicholas

Short and sweet just like the book. I am really into Young Adult Sci-Fi these days and so I have been reading a ton of it. This is a Young Adult Sci-Fi Romance, plain and simple. It has a lot of kick butt action at the beginning but because of the nature of it being a novella it falls short. Novellas are tricky, they are not just a short book, they have actual conventions that have to be met, a formula per say, and I felt this one just didn’t quite make it.


The writing was good, the descriptions well done but I just did not buy it. Like a B movie with a great story with a small budget from a outstanding director it had problem areas. The thing is the idea is excellent. A reality where being human is a death sentence? Where you have never seen the love of your life without a disguise? It is really quite an excellent idea, the problem I think is in the delivery, the novella instead of a full length story. Could it have been a novella and work? Yes but it has some flow problems that need addressing. To much info and rushed in areas and not enough info in others. But like I said, I liked it! It was one of those good OK reads!


The good things about it, the characters for the most part are likable. You get a good sense of the world build around them even if it is brief. As others have mentioned they wish it was longer, I think this is spot on. If it was longer this could have had some depth and by the time of the conclusion we would actually feel satisfied and not fully rushed. It was not a bad book at all, it was one of those books that are OK! I will pick up something from this author again as I have read a couple of her other books. She has that sweet romance down! The two main characters are lovely to read about. The ending, the last sex scene is… nope, it was umm, I just didn’t like it. I felt it caused the read to even be less, but over all the love and tension was lovely.


If you are looking a book you do not need to invest a heck of a lot of time and you want a fresh sci-fi story that will give you a light taste of PG-15 romance, grab it! For me? It was OK! I think you will either agree or you will love it! I don’t think anyone will dislike this at all because of the author’s writing ability!


Oh one other thing, this cover? Hot? Yes? Does it match the story? Not in the least! Very VERY Hot.. indeed, have anything to do with the story? Nope! Unless it is metaphorical about being caught naked amongst your enemies…hmmm I wonder!