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Another WIN from Kory! Creepy to the max~

Dive - Kory M. Shrum

Ever wish you had secret powers so you could exact revenge? Oh ummm OK well apparently I am the only evil one in the world!

The story was fresh, creepy, alive and the way the author flowed back and forth from present to past was perfectly timed. It felt like I was going faster and faster and I found myself catching my breath and my heartbeat pacing with the speed.

My issue? Oh......... I really hope this is a possible feeler for us, the audience/readers because I want to see this as a full length book. What happens to Lu now? What is she going to do? After ten years her "quest" is over, her drive to do everything she has done, learned to this point? There has to be more right?

Fantastic. This author is one to watch for!