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A unique, fantastic and disturbing zombie read

Jenny Undead (The Thirteen: Book One) - J.L. Murray

Wow am I glad I took the advice to read the book. I was totally riveted through the whole read. I need more soon though! Great character builds and conflict.


The only issue was there was not enough back story. I can piece it together and understand much was to keep the mystery alive but some was just to vague a if it was forced. My other issue was the struggle to not give into the red at times was to repetitive. It was OK but I expected some flow or at least the struggle not be stuck on one loop. Moving forward. Little broadband the plot more. It did pick up but for a while I felt like yelling "Get a move on!"


This would be a fun series. I could see a twist on Dollhouse blends with a touch of Lost Girl and the intensity of The Walking Dead. Yep. That would be awesome.


It really was great read an Now I'm going to be waiting with baits breath for the next book.
4.5/5 stars