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Technothriller I totally recommend. A new favorite author!

The World Beneath - Rebecca Cantrell

I discovered Rebecca because of her working with one of my favorite authors James Rollins. This was a pleasant surprise because what she added to James Rollins was the romance, apparently. We know how I feel about romance, SMH.


This book was not a romance, it is full of action, technology (techno-thriller) and chuck full of adventure and the spirit of the chase.


I get Joe Tesla (yes that Tesla, well that family). I live in an isolated cabin, every time I try to go into public though not as much of a problem.. ok not even CLOSE to being as bad, but I have horrific anxiety. Agoraphobia which was caused because I don't leave the cabin often at all (like maybe once a month).


I lived in Boston and learned a lot about the tunnels which the east coast is well known for as well as the history being taught in the schools. It is truly fascinating and it's the source of many an urban legends. But instead of giant albino alligators, we have a real live man-made infection which has laid hidden and walled in for decades.


Joe's thought process is so amazing to read. Math geniuses don't think or deal with regular every day activity like us normal people do. Each thing, action, object, activity involves some kind of formula even if it is uncontrollable and OCD like obsessive. I love that he thinks in colors and numbers. Oh and the dog, who doesn't love a dog. I can pause here, close my eyes and see them together and picture it completely. 


This would make a fantastic movie! It's a fast paced, tight read. There are a few issues I had but mainly because of the style of writing I jarred a bit with. I still cannot wait till the next read and am already stock piling Rebecca's books to read in the future!