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Atlas: 1 (The Atlas Series)

Atlas: 1 (The Atlas Series) - Becca C Smith Atlas by Becca Smith – Bourne Identity meets Supernatural!

Kala Hicks shouldn’t have a care in the world. She has a very elite and important job. Pretty abnormal for us couch surfers normal people but not for Kala. She is a highly trained sniper in an hyper elite special ops unit. Things were already a bit weird with her commanding officers coming up with odd and high-tech things for everyone to use during a mission. But for Kala, the world she knew, this simplistic life after that as a foster child was steadfast and secure. But she was going to get a shock. Even though she finally found a family who treated her like theirs, she still never felt like she belonged she still had never felt as secure in who she is and where she belonged. Not until this group and on top of it all she was finally letting someone into her heart.

Labeled as Urban Fantasy, Atlas is written by Becca Smith, an established young adult author of the critically acclaimed Riser Saga. Becca takes a step out of her Riser series appropriate for 12-18 year-olds and brought her amazing voice into the world of adults. It is one heck of a kick-ass adventure. Think a female Jason Bourne meets the supernatural world! She was one hell of a sniper and because of that and her ability to just do she ended up taking a shot someone else had spent their whole life preparing for and it changed her world, in fact it changed everyone’s world.

I love a good urban fantasy, and with the introduction of Greek and Christian mythology (just the creatures) it was a fun read. Who is good, who is evil (other than the obvious HOT Demon) and who is out for themselves? Can Kala do it? Can she hold onto her new-found self and her true love and be able to do what is right for everyone… in the world? It is going to be really interesting to see what happens in the next book, considering the ending.. naa-uhh-uhhh spoilers, sweetie!

Over all, the Demons.. the hot sexy steamy misogynistic demons (can get an Asmodeus Asmodeus.. FIGARO! oops sorry), the angels, the other angels, the supernatural stuff was great. Though there was almost a “to easy” feel to it, which almost contradicted the feel of the story a wee bit, but it did not take away from the story, it just made it a faster read. I know that’s normal in some Urban Fantasy but there usually is something a bit more to it. I wanna call it Urban Fantasy-LITE which maybe why folks are thinking it is young adult. The author has a solid handle on story devices and getting things to go from one thing to the other. It as full of BAM action to the point I had a form of literary whiplash and at the beginning I was a bit; “Wait.. WHAT? Ohhhh”.

One VERY important thing I want to note, and I stress, STRONGLY NOTE:

This book’s target audience is NOT Young Adult!

I think there seems to be some confusion with the other reviewers in that matter. (I figured it out but I also ended up asking the author directly). There is nothing in it that even implies it. So if you may not get this because of those reviews *waving and yelling* HEY.. OVER HERE… it is not young adult. BUT on that note, those who are looking for something safe for an older teen to read (due to implied sex and obvious violence) this one is OK. But there is nothing in it that would fit into the age range of young adult conventions. No biggy, but I needed it stated because it is how I roll, Toots! Especially with the ending (again spoilers).

I definitely recommend the read. Especially if you like urban fantasy, enjoy playing with Greek mythology. It is not to heavy, but I warn you it is going to smack you in the face even if you think you know what is coming and have guessed it, it is going to smack you hard and all the pain will be totally worth it. Another great book to start 2014 off with!

8 out of 10