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Suddenly Sorceress - Full of snortable snarky awesomeness!

Suddenly Sorceress - Erica Lucke Dean

Where To Katie with Love with its sudden twists and plot surprises left us, Suddenly Sorceress took it up and ran fast, lightening fast up to another level of awesome. Our leading lady Ivie McKie, a run of the mill kindergarten teacher is engaged to very “popular” chiropractor, Matthew Smith. A bit too popular it seems! After Ivie has a rather adventurous field trip experience, at the price of her Ralph Lauren Boots (see the Pinterest board below for an image), and her favorite white shirt… not to mention her dignity all she wants is to crawl in bed and wait for her fiance to get home. She waits, and waits and waits and when he finally does it was not the greeting she expected! Matt calls off their engagement and announces he is going to marry Candy, one of his … umm.. well I did mention he was popular right? Ivie sees red, almost literally and something inside her pops the next thing she knows Matt has been turned into a lying cheating skunk. What happens next had me laughing my ass of to the point I almost threw up laughing so hard.

GoatI actually had to stop reading one night because Geoff was trying to talk on the phone to the store and I kept laughing out loud and snorting! YES, snorting, like I said above, Suddenly Sorceress had me suddenly snorting over and over… and over. Y’all know me and my thing for goats? I am not sure if it is a thing but I find any stories involving goats enduring. I think Erica has a bit of experience herself considering she lives on a haunted farm. She raises PIGS, people!! And she has a pet Chicken and..Turkeys and. umm OH I digress, back to the goats..

What Ivie didn’t know when she and the goat had their moment was what and who would be on her … side later on. More magic then she ever felt possible found her and I don’t think she ever thought anything like that was possible. Plus, the goat!! I mean look at him, he got lucky (btw did you know Erica has a goat named Lucky, but it is a she!! Heh! I told you! Maybe she should rename it Ivie.)

OH and any of you fashionistas in the crowd will love it! (Again, see the boots below!). Her best friend Chloe considers shopping a necessity for living! Being a trust fund baby who makes a good money on her own, the references are not just funny, but again.. fashion. But what Chole really is good at is better at is being a best friend. This is one of Dean’s strengths, her friendships within the pages. They are strong and faithful! She shows the faults that everyone has and because of this her characters are so believable, even when they are turning lying cheating bastards into skunks and other various… things. And as quirky and ridiculous some of Ivie’s thoughts are as soon as her mother is introduced I think I peed a little laughing so hard! (HEY I have had five children, I can .. admit this, sort of! DON’T JUDGE ME!)

scooby-doo-halloween-costumes-ebayThe scene that had me laughing my ass off and am really glad she was talked into keeping it the way it was, is.. well.. I umm, CRAP it would be spoilers.. But when you are faced with Halloween and the cops are after you, you gotta do what you gotta do! Plus, Chloe had the boots! If I were to pick a favorite scene it would.. no I don’t think I can. Everyone and everyone was perfect and necessary! There was no “who gives a s***” moments in this book what so ever! Oh crap hmmm all the sex scenes are awesome, I love the scene where John asks who the hookers are (*snickering* just go read it and you will find out), and I adored all the interactions with her mother.

Perhaps one of my favorite was the basement scene. One scene, which is the one where Ivie really comes into her own power, where she learns she controls the magic not the other way around, was the basement scene. I think, if I was to answer this seriously, this was a wonderfully wrought bit of symbolic groupings. Her ability to control her magic was her realizing she actually did have some control in her life. There are subtle metaphors everywhere and don’t discount any of the characters, even the bouncer! They all serve a purpose in how our focalizer Ivie realizes her full worth.

If I can be cheesy, and I do apologize for this, the book really was magical. It was not all laughter, there was some really hot steaming scenes between Ivie and the man, Jackson.. oops JACK. There are also a lot of serious moments. Jack ends up being the first man in a long time, possibly ever, to show her just how worthy she is of someone who cares and loves her, oh and can give her hot steamy bathroom sex to boot! Even if they don’t get to join the mile high club they do manage to defile quite a few surfaces, basements, dirty little holes and her childhood room. Perhaps I am giving you a bit to much, but I really hope I have intrigued you enough to give it a shot.

Suddenly Sorceress will have all you snorters starting the cat, annoying the husbands and having your children think you are insane. Just go with it. Dean is a writer who really draws you in and keeps you wanting till the very end, of which I cried like a baby! Go grab your copy today!