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The Taking

The Taking - Kimberly Derting I was totally caught off guard with this lovely young adult read. I did not expect to find myself falling in love with a book which involved alien abductions combined with teen romance.

Instead I fell in love and hurt for and with Kyra and everyone involved. The odd relationship she has with her boyfriends little brother after disappearing for five years, which felt like overnight for her. The way she was forced to deal with how everyone moved on.

Halfway through it got a bit to heavy with the romance, and I feel if it focused more on what was going on with Kyra and Tyler towards the middle. By 70% of the way through, I rushed a tiny bit through some of it but kept getting caught on these amazing little sentences filled with profound statements from Tyler. Though I did not buy a couple of the things as far as human nature is concerned. The 17 year old boy conversation was not as believable, though as I said it was beautifully written. It was saved by the nerd-factor. Quoting Fahrenheit 451 topped it off!

The beautiful thing that makes this an amazing YA is she used the changes which happen to Kyra when she arrives back five years later for everyone else and only a night for her to mirror the changes normal young adults go through. For me this is a sign of a well written young adult. Writing for the age group within the conventions of sci-fi and romance can be difficult but she pulled it off well. Bravo! I want to read the rest of her books now!

Anyone who loves YA sci-fi and paranormal with non-stop excitement that does not necessarily have a HEA will love this. I am already highly anticipating book #2! Oh... the cover, ohhhhh the cover, when you finish it you will want to shout the cover designers name all over. BRILLIANT!