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Shattered (Alchemy Series Book #3)

Shattered (Alchemy Series Book #3) - Donna Augustine I haven't even reviewed the others, I read them back to back and then sat there tap tap taping my foot waiting for this one. I am really in love with everything about this story, the fact I STILL have to wait for more? OMG Donna! I am stalking you, yes that is me... when you start noticing the smell of maple syrup, evergreen and bacon? That is me! Keep writing!

The story picks up right after the second one, this is it.. BOOM the world went, and guess whose fault it is? Well she thinks it is her fault! , I don't understand why she does, she only opened up portals and let all this stuff happen and acted a bit... ohhhh well like a teenager, but the problem is she isn't. Now here is my theory, she may not be a teenager but she has had a craptastic life and trusts no one, and also since she is not 100% human (though she only found that out recently) and since she will live a longer life, I will cut her some slack ... oh SNAP!

Ummm it also could be that the man she is suppose to get married too (ya ya, go read book one and two) had her shot in the head! Perhaps it takes a few more years of learning to live with that, the apocalypse those pesky rippers that keep following her around and more whiskey to get over THAT kind of crappy morning!

This is the third, the first two are wonderful and this is far the best. I really am in love with the characters, even the assholes! Hats off Donna!