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Dead End (Detective Geraldine Steel Mystery)

Dead End - Leigh Russell

Everyone knows how I feel about mysteries, I adore them! No wait, I take them back, they are probably at the top of my pile of must read genre’s that I would hope be on the desert island I get stranded on. Because of this I am pretty apt at figuring out the mystery, the bad guys, etc… so if I am going to rate a mystery book high I am going to expect it to keep me guessing to at least 75% and still surprise me in the end. Before I go into this aspect of the book let me tell you my take on the read.

Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel is a great female sleuth. In book one and two we get to know her and Ian, her sergeant, a bit better, but if you have not read books 1 & 2 you can pick this up and enjoy the story. It starts off with the body being found (and why there is a kite on the cover..*smiling*). Also as with any good crime novel involving a female protagonist, she has her own issues outside of work shes dealing with, she usually has a relationship budding or she is trying to develop one or recovering from one. She has a family with at least one issue, and believe me Geraldine’s is a doozy. (eh… eh… eh… spoilers).
The bad guy is has his own chapters when he talks to us or himself and gives us hints that the officers are not able to find helping us readers stay intrigued but not giving himself up. Plus there is always something going on as a side story which is our misdirect. Except in this instance it also feeds a bit into Geraldine’s emotional status (not the subject just the power and impact).

Alright now … it has all these things but the problem is how powerful and strong the actual blending and working of them was. First, well my first guess about everything was spot on, everything right at the beginning before it hit 10%. But it was not completely confirmed till 46% of the way through as in 100% confirmed. That was a huge disappointment. Not a little, not just a disappointment, but ginormous one. The fact that I kept getting hints and confirmations till the definitive BINGO at 46% pissed me off. The book and characters, regular ones, are well written. The bad guy is boring, but has the potential to be good. He just was not fleshed out nor was he totally believable compared to his regular actions in public, and his secret ones down in his, well I guess it was a kill room.

The side story. Great idea, but goodness could it possibly be more stereo typical maudlin teenage issues that were made worse with her mum getting murdered. Her predicament is horrific and is a message to everyone, parents and teens, but it is an old one and not new for even a 2011 book. It also was to far away from the events to make it a real misdirect or distraction.

Over all, it was an OK continuance of the series. A standalone but if you are a reader of the series one that at least holds a place-card till she moves forward. I just felt like this was not as full bodied of the story I expected from Leigh Russell and Geraldine. I still will continue reading, as Leigh is an great mystery writer. Her previous books caught me off guard with details I had missed and I was not completely sure till about 65-75% of the way through. I was going to rate this a 3.5 stars but after reviewing all my notes I am going to rate it a 3 because I liked it but it was not outstanding, especially series wise.