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Take the All-Mart!

Take the All-Mart! - J.I. Greco What a hoot! I hope to read more from this author! His website is a hilarious read too. He is caustic in a good way, kind of like Trip!

All-Mart throws a bunch of different genres into our face within the characters themselves. Including, but not limited to a Sean of the Dead style zombie run, for karma's sake of course, some Gibson style jacking in that is the cause of this, patent leather clad nuns, THC implants and let's not forget the defamation of William Shatner and Vishnu on a continuous basis.

This is a fast paced read, full of the an interesting take on an alternate future perhaps? Or perhaps one man's very creative way of throwing a WHAT if I did this with Trip and Rudy? PLUS their fashion sense is to DIE for!