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Circus Tarot

Circus Tarot - Charles W. Jones I had no clue what I was in for when I started reading this novel. (I want it noted that I have a serious phobia about clowns, this novel helped make it even more so.)

Set inside a pack of tarot, all the elements of a true fairy tale are here (the original fairy tales were not light and sweet.. there were witches eating children after all). We have the bad guys, the good guys, the crazy guys, the flesh eating guys, the magic casters, the hero, the damsel in distress and the list goes on!

This is not your typical walk in the park horror either! It is a creative twist with one of the most original settings I have seen in a long time! PERFECT to get for anyone who wants a new take on the horrors of clowns! OH but it is more than just clowns, it has everything for everyone! I was on edge with each turn of the page!

I have "FLIPPED" for this book! Drawn from the on the aspect of tarot cards and their meanings, each has been interwoven into the story of what happens when the suit is 'flipped'. Anyone who reads tarot knows that the card drawn flipped means something different. However, even if you did not know this, the book will tell you what happens when the Nine of Buckets is flipped... let's just say you may become dinner OR dessert! Obviously well researched, the author has a great grasp in how the tarot works. Putting it into a story as he did made it not only terrifying but truly delightful!

Keep the lights on when you read it. I fell asleep reading this and had dreams I do wish I could forget!