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Amador Lockdown

Amador Lockdown - Coral Russell What a pleasure this book was to read. A well written and down to earth ghost story. With everyone writing a new paranormal romance, mystery or urban fantasy novel these days, it is hard to find a good old fashioned ghost story. This one is set in a real hotel in El Paso. It opens in one of the most famous graveyards that I have also visited on a ghost story. From the first page this book felt comfortable, like I had slipped into my favorite sweats and curled up with my favorite tea cup under a warm comfy blanket. But it is not just a ghost story, it is a few stories rolled up into one. It is a story about loss and the search for what has been lost, from several different view points, not all of them earthly.

I was rapidly turning each page with excitement! Amador Lockdown is a thriller in the real sense of the word! The story keeps you guessing and leaves you guessing till the very end. With such a classic style of ghost story it is refreshing that Ms. Russell was able to keep this mystery going with such consistency in style and also such capriciousness catching me off guard several times. I can honestly say I did NOT see any of it coming!

It many ways it is also a story about loss. Loss of hope and loss of faith and the struggle to find them again, not just for Hector and his son, but for the spirits lost behind the veil. Many questions arose that were never answered including the one that I tend to always ask at the end of a ghost story, “So what happened to.....?” We may never know! Coral was able to draw me in and developed her characters so strongly I was able to get a deep connection with them that makes me need and want to know. Which would be my only complaint. I want and I need to know more! I want the answers to the question, "What happened to...?

I have had my own share of ghostly encounters when I was living near Tombstone and Bisbee, AZ. Reading this just cements my beliefs more. The light happy fun of the Paranormal Posse to the dark sadness I felt with Hector's rage at those who did not believe him when he knew there was someone else that came back from that hotel lockdown, more then just his son )(that is if any of him was still left inside). It was so well written I felt the horror and anticipation right along with Hector, the fear that this child is truly lost forever, and I felt curiosity at who existed now. I hope we get some answers, only time and Coral's quill will tell!

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a well written book about ghosts and real people. There is nothing fantastic or long legged in this book. It is about real people, their fascination with the paranormal and the relationships that exist in every day life.