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Banished: The Gods Among Us Book 1

Banished: The Gods Among Us Book 1 - William Deen,  Pamela Deen I finished reading this book a bit ago and revisited it today. It is a very powerful read. If you are someone who enjoys a strong cup of mythology wrapped into a really metaphoric and poetic set of pros, you you will truly enjoy this. It is a beautiful entry to mythological fiction. William has done his research.

The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating is only because of my obsessiveness with certain details surrounding this form of writing. Due to my acedemic background in the area of mythology I had a few issues with the poetic license he took, but honestly that is just my own purest OCD ringing in. For most it will be a wonderful adaptation of myths. You will be suprised, elated and eenjoy how he paints the rise and fall of the characters in the book. You truly feel like you are right there going through it with them all.

I highly recommend this read, along with his others. He is a thorough writer, and in this day and age that is saying a lot!