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Forbidden Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters, #5 )

Forbidden Magic - Jennifer Lyon Forbidden magic is listed under the genre of Romance and the sub-genre of paranormal romance. I truly never review books of this genre because they are not my thing at all. I do not know why I have such a problem with Romance, perhaps it was the babysitter who decided it was ok to read her Harlequins out loud to us since my mother paid her extra to read to us before bed. I do know that she at least did not read the sex scenes, I distinctly remember her humming through parts with a glassy look in her eyes. I also remember I fell asleep really quick because it was “icky”. I was seven, go figure! This also maybe why I had the misguided Idea that a man needed to be of a certain height, with a certain muscular build, a certain length of hair and a pirate if he was going to be the man for me.

Seriously snark aside, I just am not into Romance. BUT I like paranormal stories. And let’s face it, this cover is … yummy looking. Jennifer Lyon’s is well known for her tales of Dominant men who fight to protect witches and who prescribe to a winged god who slays the rogues who would kill the witches for the power of their blood. That is what I got from reading just this novella, mind you. Since I have not read any of the other titles in the series I have a unique perspective to give, at least I think so.

This novella doesn’t read like one either! It was not lacking on information due to the shortness of the presentation or quick feeling. It reads like a full length book. Sure it starts off with a BANG, and it does not stop. It is sexy, and hot. Dark, brooding and definetly defining of the Hunter named Ram. It describes what is going on with his particular “gift” the problem with Ram, is he has half of a soul. His actual power, which as you can see from the cover comes from what I can only describe without giving any plot away, as a type of spirit animal with the symbolic representation of a tatoo of the Thunder Bird. But this symbolic representation seems to be waking up and the power can only be reined in with his soul mirror. Think of soul mate but without the pleasure of falling in love, the cosmos need them to be together in order for Ram to survive and keep all his yummy parts and what is left of his soul intact. But the problem is, she ran away and he is not in love with her, he is in love with someone else, who loves him back, Ginny. Ginny is also half of something, half of an angel, and her Daddy is an asshole! It is quite the conundrum for them both. I just wanted to them a big ol’ bowl of bacon to drown their sorrows in!

Yep, this is what I can say about this novella right now, without ever giving a lick of the plot away to y’all. It reads ‘thick’ like a novel, not rushed, just jam packed. Ms. Lyon managed to do what novella’s associated with Series should do, cause the reader of said novella to go buy the series! I already grabbed the first one and when I find some spare time (ya umm maybe summer?) I will grab a nice COOL glass of ice water because I will be needing it to read about four MORE hot HOT HOT men like Ram without overheating TO much, sit besides a fan and read for the fun of reading.

I really enjoyed the book, it was a nice break from the heavy reading I have been doing, and it will be a great read for those that like a little magic in their romance. Plus they fly.. ya they fly, cool huh?

Not for the faint of heart, there are scenes with some violence against women, though it is avenged! One bad guy is a rogue who is dealt with and the other bad guy in this is a misogynistic bastard mentioned above whom I will take great pleasure into the hope he is taken down and by this I mean ALL the way down (winking at those that have read it). I want to see Ram and Ginny together forever, and everyone else win too! I want to be there with Pom-Poms and Bacon Hors’ devours and sprinkle glitter on everyone.

Yes it was FUN! I gallantly give my first true romance review with HOT men and HOTTER scenes a 4 out of 5 stars! Thanks Jennifer for sucking me into the world of Wing Slayer Hunters!