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Nearly Departed in Deadwood: Deadwood Mystery Series

Nearly Departed in Deadwood - Ann Charles One of the most refreshing books I have read in a long time! The one thing that puts this paranormal investigative book at the top of my list is the characters are not only loveable, they are real! They are not perfect in body and form, they have some extra padding, some extra scars, are not always pleasant but loveable because they are real! Violet, the protagonist, has had twins and we she has that baby fat and craves ice cream loves daisy's not red roses. She is not the perfect height, does not have flowing long hair and has normal sexual desires!

The romance is real, littered with insecurities and normal desires. The bad guys are not over the top and the chicken, Elvis, even with his UV protecting sun bonnet, is the bomb! Violets kids are typical, though definitely not boring to say the least, creative loveable twins! Her male coworker is someone I want to strangle at the moment he opens his mouth. This book is alive from start to finish!

This new series and author is a breath of fresh air! She makes Deadwood come alive.