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Optical Delusions in Deadwood

Optical Delusions in Deadwood - Ann Charles An exciting second in the Deadwood series! I am so hooked and am on baited breath for the third book. This installment into Violet's life as a single mom trying to ilk out a living with a pair of twins who create a whirlwind of interesting adventures on their own, is even better then the first. It fills out characters whose development has already been some of the best in this genre.

Violet is a believable and real person. She does not have long flowing hair and legs up to her arm pits, she struggles with the baby weight she has had since the twins were born, is short, has unruly, wild hair and real financial issues. Even the most despicable characters in the novel are likeable simply because of the fact they are real, fleshed out and above all people/animals that embroil themselves into your life, especially Elvis the chicken!!

If you have any doubts, just do a test read, I guarantee you will be hooked and reading them in no time!