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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks The cat knocked over a pile of books I have yet to find a home for (which is why I read ebooks for the most part now) and this was one. I have not read it in a few years but I remembered how much I did plus I have his 'Zombie Survival Guide' in my backpack for when the horde shows up I am ready to go.

So many books focus on the terror during, but Max is focusing on what happens after. What is the world like? What have peoples psyches become? How does this effect the children? Government? Economics? Even more addressed in his personal compilation using the information he collected for an official report addresses.

This book is really interesting. But fair warning, if you are looking for the blood, the guts and the infection of a traditional zombiesque novel Z style you maybe disappointed because this is after the war. But I beseech you to give it a chance.

I just acquired the audio version of this book and it is worth every penny. It has a cast, each tale being told in their own voice. I found myself crying, horrified, terrified at times and shocked. The story structure is in a type of retelling of the oral accounts from the survivors, so hearing the story is so powerful. The audio format is the maple syrup on the bacon that is the book! I can go to sleep listening to this (yes I am a glutton for punishment and obviously a masochist when it comes to my dream cycles).

The sociological implications being addressed with each story from each survivor our 'Author' interviews. I realize this probably has been an issue with some readers, especially those that want their zombies fed to them on a plateful of "BRAAAAAAAAAINS". But the tale could not be any different without it being just another book about zombies. Being a medievalist I adore the oral format, I truly enjoyed how he presents each of them, how he let the stories flow from each person to the next, a global bonfire. A futuristic book of post apocalyptic lays with the tragic nature of the stories. At the same time more complex due to the subject nature. Each tale like a mini-short of horror and survival with each persons experience.

It is an elegant and dark mockumentary compiled together in a simple and powerful presentation. The cover is under spoken in a color of rusty orange, the Z standing out. The font is jagged and the flames in the background psychologically presented us with the end and the beginning. I recommend this to someone who wants a step up from the fictional tales and that want to take this belief to the next level...who knows these tales may actually help you when patient zero emerges, so take notes!