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Changes (The Randall Lee Mysteries #1)

Changes - Charles Colyott I love a good mystery. In fact if an author can keep me guessing or enjoying the merry chase of the protagonist without me figuring it out at least 50% of the way through. It's good! If he can keep me confused happy and smiling even though I still haven't figured it out at around 75%? It's great in fact almost unheard of for me! This book literally had me caught off guard, deliriously happy in the sweet love story and eclectic music displayed by an author who I am deeming the Harry Blackstone of Mysteries!

Top it off some more and the whipped cream of this story was the addition of the Tai Chi Chuan Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine ...an acupuncturist who has a dark secret that haunts his soul and only in solving this murder will he be able to reclaim his life back.

The sprinkles? Oh Randall's snark! I'm giddy and thrilled I spent my Saturday afternoon and evening reading this phenomenal book. I really hope and expect to see this author going places!

My cherry? I'm a huge Hard Boiled and Noir fan and any one who can make "..because i was off playing Sam-freaking-Spade" work and work well not only with humor but also in giving you an idea of style and stage he is setting up for you.

Do I have more to say? Plenty. But right now I'm craving Heineken and digging around for my Bjork t-shirt, put in some Dead Can Dance and smile some more. Hats off Charles!!

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I love series books and I hope the llamas let him finish the next one quick.