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Ghost Drums: A Dark Supernatural Fantasy

Ghost Drums - Matt  Cole This is the perfect short story on a stormy afternoon for those of us that like traditional vampire myths with a bit of a twist.

Originally published in 2003, I had discovered it while sitting in some office or bar, or coffee shop while leafing through some esoteric magazine. Quickly jotting down his name in my moleskin. A few years later I ran across his name again,same story. I just really dug the vampire, Lazarus.

Matt Cole writes shorts with a very non-sparkling vampire named Lazarus. His writing has strong, dark and solid allegory, balancing the traditional vampire myth with Native British Columbian myths. Having grown up a bit south of there in the Pacific Northwest, I appreciated it even more. Totem poles are more than a thing of wonder and beauty in the middle of the park, they have huge symbolic meaning within the Native religion.

In the perfect length of a short, in my opinion, he is able to throw at you such strength and power blending both, I even wonder if it can successfully be a novel. Maybe I do not want it to be, since I love good solid short stories. When I discovered it for my Kindle I quickly gobbled it up and discovered there are two more with Lazarus. This is a vampire that I can “sink” my teeth in!