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Swan Song

Swan Song - Robert R. McCammon I was introduced to this by a dear friend who as soon as she found out I thought The Stand was the be all to end all threw up her hands and said oh no you don't READ this! Boy am I glad she did. It sat hidden on my shelf for months before she finally politely asked for it back. So happy that it came out in Kindle so I can always have a copy. Earlier this weekend someone said they had finally finished The Stand and wanted a good Post-Apocalyptic book to read. Quickly myself and one other (Justin Bog of Sandcastles and Other Stories) suggested this one, and although others were suggested the requester is currently reading Swan Song. I cannot wait to hear how he feels about one of my top reads of my lifetime!


ENTRANCED is the word I will use for this grand epic novel. Each and every time I read it I am completely moved and engaged. Each visceral moment, with its approachable characters I am engaged and magically stuck in the time, feeling the hunger in my belly, and the sand grate at my eyes and skin. The book goes in every direction. And unlike The Stand, which sits on an arguable fence as to whether it is an epic novel or not, this sits on no fence, it is in the pit and pureity of definitive literary Epic fiction within the sub-genre of Post Apocalyptic Horror.

Evil, heroic (within the stories mythos) and benign threads and story arcs are woven into the overall tapestry of this tale. Numerous sub-plots easily coloring the flavor and experience of this book. And believe me, this is not just a great read this is an experience meant to be enjoyed over and over. Each time you do you will bite down into something else you missed when you were chewing to fast the last time, or to slow to enjoy the POP of that spicy flash of color. It never balances out, always leaving you feeling a bit topsy-turvy, sometimes the foam of your latte has the perfect swirl .. and the next moment destroyed by the plunk of a story devices spoon.

If you love a dense read, if you have a love that goes beyond just a great book with The Stand and are tired of Young Adult Dystopia? Go grab this and hang on, because you are in for a ride!