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Farsighted - Emlyn Chand Simple fact, I have stated and said over and over this is a book for all young lords and ladies to gather up and read. Much like LOTR, but not epic fantasy, just really awesome! YET, it is a paranormal fantasy-ish and at the same time something I feel a child should read! Not like a book on how your boobs are suppose to grow, but a book that involves real teenage issues with the FUN of New Age-y stuff blended in that perhaps Mum maybe doing (cough ... cough like me)! As I am now nose deep in the second book, Open Heart I told my eldest to hurry up, this is fun (she has been my reading buddy so we can influence her 16 year old sister).

Mum, and more mums, AGAIN I REPEAT, this is a book/series a which is safe for your kids starting at about 12 to 14 and beyond can read without worry. There is one only ONE moment a specific questionable word may come in question. Apparently I missed it so I asked and the 19 1/2 year-old girl who rolled her eyes and stated, "MOM are you serious, ONE word? Give me a break have you listened to TV lately?" I felt the need to address this, but honestly I had glossed over it AND in fact the author mentioned it in an interview I read, I had to go and LOOK for it. GAWDS PEOPLE!! They hear and see worse in GLEE (the word was whore)!!

So it is a parenting decision, and since most of us soccer moms SEEM to be constantly reading YA read so why not give it a whirl? During an era where so many books are labeled YA, and really they are "SOCCER MOMS GET YOUR GAME ON AND RELIVE YOUR YOUTH BY BEING ABLE TO DROOL OVER HOT YOUNG FLESH" I honestly I would have missed it simply because the label of YA. HECK Animal Farm or LORD OF THE FLIES is ten times worse and are considered Young-Adult literary fiction. They essentially could be shocking and psychologically damaging for some kids. At least this is HONEST and a book I would sit and read with the kids! THIS IS REAL young-adult fiction with a flair for fun in the paranormal sense. The kids can just be kids and only minimally deal with sociopath. psychotic megalomaniac personas (AKA LORD OF THE RINGS which I wanted all my children to read as soon as they could). I realize I have repeated myself, but it bear repeating.

How am I suppose to even write a flipping objective review. I have three female children under the age of 20. two of whom read wish-washy crap to pass the time and half the time tell them it doesn't fly since they read at college level. I guess my mother's manipulation of "Read a Classic, get to read Lovecraft" wore off, but ... ya anyway... THE 12 year-old, if I COULD get him to read something like this would roll his eyes and say "PLEASE Mother, I hear worse standing in line to get what they keep insisting is FOOD! I won't read girly books but COME ON MOM, do you EVEN have to ask!! (He thinks since I am a girl all books I read are girly, even the zombie ones... though I think he says this to try and manipulate me into letting him read them.. MOMS ROCK).

Emlyn Chand has taken the accepted Paranormal playground and incorporated into real world issues children of this age and dealt with (shock) every day real issues teens face. By utilizing disabled kids, making them super heroes, she allows for the fan-girling and fan-boying of a group worthy of such! AGAIN I REPEAT This is real YA! GO get your kids to dive into the first book of this series and get them hooked now! Good fun family reading materiel!

So you let them read and watch the borderline pedophiliac Twilight??? For chriminy sake its' riddled with a plethora of other BAD things. I am not dissing or saying DO NOT read the Twilight series, just ewwwwwwww hold off till you are a soccer mom since it really was written for that demographic!! Just my not so humble opinion. The first book maybe ok, but the rest? OK but I digress.

Give me a break, insist on her or him reading this book. What the heck is wrong with a real YA book?

No it is not perfect, there are some issues I have. Still, again, I am blown away when I find a real Young-Adult fiction. I do not care who says it or taunts me, because everyone knows I am not a YA reader, well at least I thought not. I am currently TEAM SIMMI! heh. Sheeple read I am touched with the amount of effort the author FINALLY put in to writing this book! Oh EM GEE!

I know this is not a regular Cabin Goddess review, it is rambly, repetitive and overly bouncy (even for me) (written with a fever of 102F). I am just thrilled I finally finished the book. Emlyn Chand has written a clean wonderful story, professionally edited, soundly structured and beautifully wrought! GO READ IT AND TELL ME anything BUT?!?! This is incredible and this deserves 5 stars or moose tracks or..........five anything!! OH BTW keep reading, not only is this a great read, but the author gives a crap about the world around her!