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Faerie Cake Dead

Faerie Cake Dead - J.M. Griffin First and foremost I love faeries. So much so that I believe that if they are in a story, my enjoyment factor goes up at least 20% if not more. That being said, this is why the book gets a solid 3 star review. I really enjoyed it but it has some problems which pixie dust are not going to fix for me.

The lightness of the read was welcome. It was like sitting on your back porch with a cup of tea. It flitted, much like a faerie, from one shiny moment to the next. The characters can be classified as different fey even! We have the trolls, one of her employees; Dilly Perkins and her boyfriend the former Boston Policeman; Sheriff Tiddler. We have our own Fairy Queen, our philanthropist and former mother-in-law to the Fairy Lord himself, Devin who swoops in gives us a completely fairytale-ish romance that leaves you wondering what Luna, our Faerie Princess; slipped into those Faerie Cakes! (In other words one minute someone was match making and the next they were engaged, it was truly a WTF moment in the book. But oh well, after all there were FAIRIES!!) Our brownie, Annie; our other helper, was constantly kept in a good mood as long as she is fed and allowed to at least perform a collection of acts that protect and keep Luna happy. (Perhaps I am stretching it a bit with Alice but she is the happy employee ready to jump on the "bitch-slap bandwagon" to anyone who messes with Luna). Oh Luna's ex-husband definitely is part of the Unseelie court, but Thomas is a lowly goblin, ugly and in need of being stomped on by a Ogre.

The mystery a steady predictable pace, but still with a nice who-done-it and added surprises giving a very nice touch. I had a lot of fun with the book. I hope we have more Luna adventures, but with more to the book. I wonder where you could go since it ended as it did, somewhat finite. The reason I want more is the book just was flat, rushed and almost felt like a Easy-Baked version of a bigger book sitting somewhere on someones to be edited pile. I just felt like there should have been more character development, more segues that made sense. You can throw as many handfuls of pixie dust in my face and feed me as many of those laced Faerie Cakes as you want to but you cannot sell me on half of what happened in the manner it did. BUT like I said, faeries and fun. LOTS of fun and again, good solid mystery.

I hope she keeps writing faerie books, she knows her fey and I saw a lot of that in the writing. It was a great weekend read!