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Dark Spaces

Dark Spaces - A collection of suspenseful short stories - Dionne Lister/Eloise March Breathe in Autumn
An Awakening
An Outback Lament
Sarah’s Story
The Presentation
Timmy’s Escape
Heart of an Angel
Climbing Everest

Reading the list if the eight selected stories for Ms. Lister's flash fiction anthology had me pondering at what maid between. The cover alluding to just one of the dark spaces which lie there and perhaps within our own subconscious, nightmares and; for some, memories we've chosen to leave in the dark.

Dionne caught me unaware from start to finish. The strong thematic choices in her line up appear to have you climbing up out of darkness to reach the summit if light. But as with most suspense in shorts such as these the small twists and turns will have you going sideways and even tripping you back into the corner before moving you forward to the next.

Flash fiction is a challenging exercise in creativity. For many writers it is just a tool to keep us writing, the tips of our pens sharp. Rarely can we put together such solid prose into any semblance of theme. Not only has she done just this but she leaves you wanting for more.

The only reason I did not give it a five was perhaps my poet within wanting to swap a few around and two stories did not have as powerful of a punch compared to the rest.

Breathe in Autumn dusted off a nightmare. Outback Lament brought me back to my roaming in the hill country. Timmy's Escape is reminiscent of tales told to innocent ears around campfires and Amy leaves your mouth open in the "oooohhh" position.

Take a chance, shine a lantern over in this dark place and go grab the perfect quick read and taste of the authors expansive talent. She's well known to many for her young adult fantasy but these will show you another side and leave you want for more.