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Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel

Bloodline - James Rollins To be quantitative or be qualitative that is the question.

This seems to be the issue these days with SIGMA novels. I am glad we have the novella to have Tucker and Kane's character development and background. But it should have been an extension, a fan extra and not depend as a writer for the fans to read.

Don't get me wrong, as usual its a great book but I'm wondering if James should not give SIGMA's team a rest for a bit. We, your fans love your microscopic attention to detail but there is WAY too much! The tech swallows up all of it..the characters we love fighting the new tech, Grant ..Kat..Lisa..Senchian are crammed amidst the plethera of bio, fringe, future, old, new, conspiratorial ... heck even Painter is barely "sketched" here where we used to at least feel the presense of those characters we love. Again there is just TOO much this time.

Even so for a fan its a great wrap up ...or is it. Read Tracked for Tucker and Kane's back story. I loved it but was just let down and feel a bit bloated. Am looking toward to his new collabritve story with Rebecca Cantrell which takes us back to the desert with a brush and a trowel .. Sneak Peak in City of Screams!!