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Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files

Cold Days - Jim Butcher "Build a man a fire and he’s warm for a day,” I said. “But set a man on fire and he’s warm for the rest of his life. Tao of Pratchett." and of Harry too...

I waited a long time for #13 (Ghost Stories)and was frustrated after reading it. Sure, I enjoyed it it was awesome, not as good as #12 but par with the series. It left me worried about Cold Days because now he was to be a creature of Mab, and we had been, as readers left hanging. I enjoyed the anthology Side Jobs much more as a waiting waiting much better than Windows ME while waiting for a real book to come out kind of waiting. But I was left hanging with Ghost Story, it left me hungry. However, Cold Days? A perfect winter read (hehe get it .. winter.. cold.. Winter Knight.. bah you guys are no fun!) It ended up being the perfect meal and a total five star Harry Dresden reading experience!

“My brother the . . . geosexual?” (Kindle shared Thomas to Harry)

Immediately afterwards I am sitting there, my need to be left with the perfectly filled "belly" of adventure, humorous and off kilter urban chivalry sated. I had been worried Jim Butcher was going to go the way of a 90's Theme restaurant, just running out of fancy things to hang on Harry's wall of fame. No more unique stories to tell, but nope! The fear of him running out of ridiculous seeming challenges, which seemed a possibly for bit with the last couple of Dresden File installments, was squashed as I finished this. Sure there is a classic cliff hanger, but I am totally happy where it left off. Epic meal with an epic ending and a feeling of contentment and peace for me, the reader.

"After it had been boiling for a few minutes, I took it off the fire, added a splash of cold water from the pump to settle the grounds, and poured myself a cup."(RECIPE from Harry, and how it is DONE! True Cowboy coffee (and mushers too!) shared and noted

So if you are like me, like your epic crazy, snarky and smart. With just the right flavor cooked up into a tale that took my breath away just enough balanced with just the right dash of pow! I got it! I needed to know we would be getting more. I got it. I needed to be OK with how things were going go turn out...I did and with no indigestion, no feelings of frustration...this was by far the best one since Changes!

'"Whatever happened to Ia, Ia, Cthulu fhtagn?” I muttered. “No one has a sense of style anymore.”'(sayeth Harry at the last standoff at Deadreach)