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Black Moon

Black Moon - Jessica McQuay I wasn't sure what to think at the beginning and by the end I had read a nice enjoyable story. j would deem this one of my brain candy reads. Dealing with dome.normal teen issues dispute the fact of all the abnormal being thrown af her. Paige does pretty awesome.

What I enjoyed most was the subtle and honest approach the author took to same sex attraction. I have a huge problem with something being labeled YA because it has kids or teens but not approaching the issues as they should be for teens. Jessica did this wonderfully. It has yet to be resolved and could honestly end up just being a curious attraction. It really doesn't matter it fit this tactful and very well written urban fantasy with some pretty great action scenes to boot.

It was another modern take on Fae with some real.coming of age things mixed into a fantasy story. I wish some things were slightly different as well as more things explained better or perhapss resolved, but over all it was a nice YA that I enjoyed.

The small issues for me was perhaps to much was rushed through. The very important fact about Paige's blood lines (which I do not want to go into it as it will be a spoiler). Many things and important facts are brought up and never actually addressed. I know there will be sequels which I hope to catch however I think some things could have been explained in this first book.