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Man vs Cat

Man vs Cat - David M. Brown, Donna Brown Warning - though this review does reflect my opinion of this amazingly funny read, the full review as well as a special post from one of the characters (cats) in the book took over my blog at cabingoddess.com. I loved it and Asrielle (my cat) gave it 5 paws of glory so I think we have a winner folks! (I think she really gave him a Hail Mary pass!)

Review by Asrielle, Queen of the North

The female hoo-man is currently snoring on my couch, the last week I have slowly been working at changing her sleeping habits by causing her to nap constantly when she lays down to read on my couch. So if I talk her into letting me snuggle, she cannot resist, the purpose? I knew she thought she was being clever when she said I would review this book. Oh so adorable of her.

Considering I had been awoken several times during her reading of this tale, she actually thought it clever? And so funny she laughed me off her lap many time. It was getting old fast, hence my plan to drive her to be sleeping more on my couch instead of reading. She actually felt reading it out loud to me would be amusing. The telling of your little cabala’s secrets cute? Really David? You felt this was OK to not only make note of the brain-washing techniques of Mrs. B but also thinking you could smuggle it out of our UK base of operations and ol’ Charlie would not let us know, despite the fact he is usually to busy looking in the mirror (OK he is in charge of the UK, despite his self-absorbed nature, even for one of us Greater Creatures). I am sure you are developing more conspiracy theories for a secondary journal, at least my hoo-man hopes so.

Let’s face it, we have you all snowed with our “adorable” actions you have mockingly put into what my hoo-man says has caused her to pee herself more than once. I sure hope not, the couch is mine!! Considering her constant running outside and stomping down the stairs to her weird litter box in the woods with her face covered in tears says it is a definitely ”almost” status. At least our brethren here in the US can relax a bit and allow ourselves to over indulge the “weed” without worry we will have to start all over again. I am happy to report our British agents have been able to keep the serious nature of our ongoing coup plans to being thought of as “cute”, yes David, you only think you have figured it out.

But I need you all to listen, we will not be thwarted by the “cuteness” of this misnomer, we will not be stumbled as you discuss some of what you think are acts of intent, well wait they are but not in ways you think. The simple fact is as I sit here licking my paws of tuna juice (she is so easy.. purr for 10 minutes tuck head side ways and look perfect and bam… tuna.) But our biggest and most dangerous possible secret? We all are rulers of the world and are going to have a hard time deciding just who and how to hand over the gold tuna dish the right cat because…Man vs Cat? The score? From where I sit, Hoo-mans you are not even close but I will give you five paws of glory but no more David.. no more…