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What's a Witch to Do? (A Midnight Magic Mystery)

What's a Witch to Do? - Jennifer Harlow So, you see there once was a witch who lived in the south, she was a high priestess with a bit of back and had not dated since god knows when, but she really didn't have time. With her sister AWOL and her raising her sister's kids plus running the coven and her witchy shop, when was she going to have time to find a man, let alone find one who could deal with all her extra baggage, on her and around her. To top it off? This week she has a wedding to plan. Nothing could go wrong, she has her TO DO list locked and loaded, right?

Mona McGregor’s To Do List

• Make 20 13 potions/spells/charms
• Put girls to bed
• Help with Debbie’s wedding
• Lose 30 pounds before bachelorette auction
• Deal with the bleeding werewolf on doorstep
• Find out who wants me dead
• Prepare for supernatural summit
• Have a nervous breakdown
• Slay a damn demon
• Fall in love

I say she is like me, nothing like a few things that are a little unobtainable to make sure the majority get done and you feel really good about it despite not finishing it all today! Speaking of finishing things in one day, I finished the book in three hours. It is a fun and delightful paranormal cozy mystery. Oh heck it was full of sparkle and spunk. Mona is a wonderful character and Adam, our werewolf is someone you cannot help but fall a bit in love with. The best part about these two? They were not perfect. No one is in the book, and for me, it really made this book and author one to watch and read.

For all my witchy-poo friends? Oh she is SPOT on with the magic. We know what goes on but we, like soldiers who pay attention to the uniforms and patches in movies, pay attention to the spells, ingredients and language associated to a book that is not being overly campy with it's witchcraft. Miss Harlow, Blessed Be, sistah! You knocked this one out of the field. It may have killed Old Man Withers' cow, but that is OK! Scooby and the gang can take care of it..

Oh dear, ummm sorry I got carried away! Much like Mona does when hunting this demon and whomever invited it to dinner where she would be the main course aka dead .. as in ala someone put a supernatural hit on her and why? Because they wanted her job! Heck, the funniest thing is her trying to figure it out. This was the only reason I gave it a four stars instead of five. I felt it was the weakest part of their story, and do not read that wrong, nothing in this story was weak. I get why she wanted to curb stomp the witch into next year, but meh, I am not sure I buy some of Mona's reactions. But perhaps lack-o-nookie plays a bit in this? Who can say! Mona's behavior towards this specific situation did not quite match up with how wonderful and thoughtful she is over all.

So.. speaking of overall? You like Cozy mysteries? You like a mystery with a bit of Witchy-Poo goodness? Want a little vamp with that va-va-voom?> Well go grab this one because it is a keeper!

Check out the funniest freaking interview I have had in a long time.. he he he chronic masturbation.. man .. oh you gotta go read the interview to get it, no worries it is PG-13 rated for the most part! All in all, four out of five cupcakes... why cupcakes? Frankly because I think she should hog tie Adam to the bed and lick the icing off! I know I would!