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Cold Killing: A Novel

Cold Killing - Luke Delaney I have trigger issues with violent books which are not set in the "fantastic" such as zombie books or paranormal books and always am worried an author will use gratuitous violence and not rely on his or her talent to show me the story and the emotions the violence without triggering my PTSD. It is a fine line between showing and telling what is happening to the victim and have it not cross the boundaries of realism. Very few stories can draw me into the middle making me a guest along the way without me having issues with the triggers and I can still feel the fright, the fear and Lane Delaney has done just this.

DI Sean Corrigan is our leading man and he takes his job very seriously. He is the head of the murder squad is not just a calling but a way to keep his own darkness at bay.

"What better way for a failed disciple of true evil to hide than among the cops?"

"He didn't tell Donnelly about the animalistic odor he'd smelled leaking through Hellier's skin. A musky smell, almost chokingly strong. The same odor he'd smelled on others in the past. Other killers. "But why is he so pissed off at the world?"'

People may not know how he does it but most do not question his ability to not only get inside the head of a killer but get his man or woman each time. This time, the killer is stumping him and he just cannot seem to nail him. The killer does not leave any evidence, as if he is a cop himself with a scary forensic knowledge base. If you have ever seen Wire in the Blood on BBC you will really enjoy this.

I started reading this book and two hours later I looked at how far into it I was; breathing a sigh of relief when I saw I still had 380 pages to go! It was like a mad dash to catch this killer! Long detailed chapters from Sean's point of view switching to his suspects point of view whom it is obvious is the killer. How can this be a mystery? Oh my .. those short sweet and deadly chapters from a killers point of view.. his internal dialogue is disturbing and makes you hold your breath hoping this victim will escape. These short chapters not only took my breath away but made me confused and wondering if Sean really had the killer. So similar but there was something off.. oh my I cannot go on about that because I do not want to confuse or giveaway anything. This book really is one of those I could just put up a review of "wow...holy cow... just go buy it... OMG... gobsmacked... hell.. omg..." yes, one of those!

"I usually distract myself by picking a passenger at random and imagining what it would be like to cut their eyes out and then slit their throat. The stench of all these potential subjects is very stimulating to my imagination."

Finding out this was his first book means I now have more to look forward too, and believe me he is right on that list. I think I may have a huge group of books that will be among my favorite reads and many are mysteries and crime dramas. But this book is one of the best procedural thrillers I have read in a very long time. Having to write from so many different points of view and maintain a different voice is difficult for seasoned writers, Delaney has pulled this off without a hitch. It is so smooth to the point of making the confusion part of your reading experience.

Luke Delaney has found his calling following his career as a police detective. All of his experience shines through making this not just another crime drama author. His outstanding writing abilities easily lead him to the top and I am going to love watching him sour. I highly recommend this and if you have triggers? Just don't read it at night! Seriously I did not have one issue reading this which shows just how good he is!
Serial Killing Tip #5:
"I exercise a lot. Secretly"

So I bet you can guess just how many stars I am giving it huh? You are right! So how do you think serial killers happen? Man made or born that way?
Nature vs. Nurture.
I realize an argument can be made for both, but try giving me a good reason for either? (pssssssssst this is also a way to get points to win this book!)