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Opal Fire

Opal Fire - Barbra Annino This isn't getting four stars because it is brilliant, its getting four stars because I loved the story. I know folks wanted to smack Stacy aaround for making really bad decisions with her actions but its a fluff book! A cotton candy fun read.

The characters need a bit more plumping up and as much as I liked some.of the antics I also cringed at the ridiculousness of them. Not much but some. I've had the book forever and needed a might read that was paranormal and fun.

Cinnamon and Thor are my favorites. I want a great Dane like Thor! I want to get to know the sisters more and Leo I may punch. There are more but we didn't get a full picture. Fir ne this is what dinged it. So again yij ask why four stars. Well 3.5..? Because it did what a book like this is suppose to do. Take ne away and entertain me.

Favorite funny? The fiats being vandalized with battery operated Christmas lights and let out to wander the road. hahhaa

Thumbs up for the pagan references. This was written by a practitioner or someone who has researched well. And there's a recipe in the back!

Not urban but suburban paranormal foxy mystery. Its not lit-fic. Its chick-fic with magic, mayhem and fun. I will read two and hope she folks her characters out a bit more. if I was on the biog this would be a 3.5 star book.