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Dateline: Atlantis

Dateline: Atlantis - Lynn Voedisch I love reading books about archeology and places that may or may not have been! The cover caught my eye because it is close to some of James Rollins standalone adventures, and since earlier this year I had been left wanting by a promise of underwater archeology in the infamous Byzantine Gold disaster I was really needing a good one, and I found one with Lynn's novel.

Granted, it is not a group of archeologists it is a journalist who really wants to land THEE story of a lifetime! AP pickup, pulitzer prize etc... Conspiracy, ancient ruins which seem to rise from the sea, buried caves full of pyramids and a gem which speaks of the past. As she tries to find the pieces to put the past together for a story, she has to find her own pieces of her own past. Yep it is one of those books! Fun!

The story really has it all for an action /adventure, but labeled as a contemporary fantasy! The fantasy aspect comes in with the crystal she finds which speaks to her as she dreams. I love the fact that is full of a secret kabbalah of scientists, academics and religious leaders who will go to any means to prevent the truth of Atlantis coming to light...including... ohhhhhhh nope! NADA!... spoilers, Sweetie!


It was a fun read and it read fast. Perfect for this summer. The authors journalism background really lead strength to much of the story. But the one thing that journalists need to do, which is TELL, she overcame and she did a wonderful job of SHOWING us the world that her protagonists discovered beneath the waves.

A few notes I want to bring up (may contain tiny peek-a-boo spoilers due to my opinion of the character): I am really glad I did not have expectations of a female Indiana Jones because I would have been upset. This is in no way one of those stories. She is not in anyway an adventurous archaeologist, she is a journalist. The crystal speaking through dreams etc is where the fantasy aspect comes from and though it took away from the story for me, I can give it props as a good story device to bring about a mystery from the past.

The initial "guide" (Gabriel) who ended up being a misogynistic jerk who I wanted to drown, was a good character who created a lot of intrigue, but ... in truth? The best part of this was not the budding love story, not the lost city of atlantis, which seems almost to be the backdrop, but the implications of what happens if something is discovered which can change the foundations of faith's toehold in what was suppose to be empirical evidence going down the toilet when the origins of "man" change? Oh... and of COURSE THE GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED *giggling* LOVE IT!

Take it for what it is, a story. It is labeled as fantasy, so a bit of dispelling believe is needed! For me? I liked it! It was great! I had a fun time reading it and honestly read it from cover to cover for three days. That in itself says a lot. But it as not a fantasy for me, it was more of a conspiracy based mystery with love, intrigue, adventure, heartbreak, and personal growth.. with the Christian cult leaders, academia zealists and the government mucking it up for everyone. Again FUN!

**I bought this book and therefor not only are my opinions mine but not even the sweet goodness of a free book to read and review edging it up to the four star mark! Its just a fun read. Some links are to my Associates account on Amazon where I receive a small (VERY VERY small) advertising fee for linking! The giveaway is sponsored by the author and Cabin Goddess is in no way responsible, but she promises to make sure that she does her best to get all the info to the right people and have her squirrel on alert if anything comes up. Bacon is always welcome!