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The Underlighters (The Nightmare Cycle) (Volume 1)

The Underlighters - Michelle Browne, Kit Foster What a breath of fresh air, laughing fresh air.. hah.. if you read the book you will giggle a little too. When you live underground to avoid the Dust... Dust you say? Not zombies?? Not vampires? Not a pandemic? Nope.. DUST! Oh me oh my but this dust is more than just the maid wipes down off the piano on Tuesdays, this dust drove whole cities underground. Wait, it does have a dragon and scary spider monsters.. no clowns though!

Written in first person and in a journal style story, this had to be really good. I am not a journal style story fan, but I do love love love love first person point of view. But even if you are not a fan, and don't want to read someones journal... I want to stress, really stress, you should take a chance. Half the time I would forget I was reading Janelle's journal. This was her story, the communities and the worlds. Was it a memoir? No! Goodness, it was just wowzer!

Janelle was an incredibly well rounded, three-dimensional real character. Her voice was loud and because of this amazing ability for character development, Michelle was able to bring along the rest of the "cast". I fell in love with them and also developed an extreme desire to curb stomp a couple of the characters. After reading this the bar was raised. I have had to take a break from reading because the last three books after this were so poorly written to me, I am wondering if she possibly ruined me :)

Oh sex, yes there was sex lots of lovely sex! Oh wait, it was not erotica or messy or gratuitous. It was beautiful, cathartic and (dare I use it again) wow! Oh and there is nothing missed here, no orientation, no judgments just hey, this is how it is. Without any discrimination, this is how it is. Janelle's best friends get engaged and are so excited to have children in the home. She has inbetweens (bisexual) and uses the new genderqueer label of xer/xim/xe. I find it rare and refreshing.

OK... let's see... character development, great sex scenes, oh did I mention I love the cover.. what else could make this even more amazing? Her world building!! Yes guys you can have it all, and a drink right along with it.. and some great food (hydroponic potatoes rock apparently). I could go on and on and on... and on but I guess I should stop... maybe!

But why read it, other than I told you too? Well do you like stories about after an apocalypse? Well there is that! Do you like realistic sex scenes that are not written by a man but someone who is writing an important part of the story? (There are only a few but they are so touching I wanted to squeal and say thank you thank you thank you over and over again, those get 6 stars!). This was one! Could there be more... NO CLOWNS!!!!!! Oh, wait... seriously this book is so well rounded, clean and well written it should be on the top of the top of all the lists! Up is a mess, people breath in the dust and become disorientated and hallucinate. Which is when things start being seen in the tunnels usually sends folks to the clinics to be tested for Dust exposure... but when the hallucinations start attacking back?? We have nightmares coming to life and the party is on, baby!

In a nutshell, again wow! Clean, crisp no nonsense an No WGAS* descriptions. Everything that is in this book is needed and nothing extra to muddy this amazing story. My biggest critique? A little to much of a "Happily Ever After", but I'm cynic who doesn't mind not having one so I don't count. The last scene? Our lead in to the next book? Perfection and I don't say that lightly. And she can write sex better than most romance and erotica writers I know. it's real and made *looking around and whispering*...my girly parts tingle.

Five Breathing Regulators