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Days with the Undead: Book One

Days with the Undead: Book One - Julianne Snow Day three, the day it all begins with one very insightful lesson:

"Our escape was narrow but our lesson important -- never stop to stare"

I want to go on and on about how wonderful this collection of days is. It was a brilliant idea and with Julianne's forensic background she was able to bring to the plate not only a scientific take but her own passion for the genre. We as readers are immersed in a daily fight for survival. From the early days. Unlike with The Walking Dead where Rick wakes up much later, this is them riding the wave of infection out of Toronto. I cannot remember how many times I cringed and held my breath and a few times a tear rolling down my face. Just such a well wrought story. Flushed out from the original web series, it brings to light the power of individuals in the need and desire to survive.

There are parts of these days that definitely make this a mature read. The video games have rated most zombie games as Mature (17 and above) I would have to label this read with the same. Not because there is tons gore and violence, there is but it is not in a gratuitous amount. Specifically there are scenes with particularly small individuals that I would not want my 16 year year old, let alone the younger ones, reading just yet.

The subject of zombies and a zombie apocalypse is popular to the point of being a viral constant (heh viral) on the net and in other media formats, such as books and movies. So how does one make it original enough to go grab this one up? Why should you buy it? Well because of the unique approach the author has taken. The strength in her prose as well as the sociological and cultural questions asked and answered each night as her protagonist and others in the group wrap up the day up on a random hijacked and ever diminishing wireless signals. The laptop; her last precious attachment to her past. The questions and the struggles this group of survivors face is monumental and has just enough of an edge to make it a bit fantastic but also very believable. You feel the intensity of the day with them, as they try to bunk down for the night, you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation and train-wreck like obsession. Julianne does not disappoint!

I am leery of I keep going on I will give to many spoilers. But can say honestly that this was an adventure I started taking on her blog and have been thrilled to have it flushed out and in a single novel. One note, this is worth reading for one specific reason... other than what I mention about.. the virus is not discriminatory. That is all I will share but I encourage you think about the statement and let your imagination wander enough to have you click and buy the book, you won't be disappointed.

Recommended for zombie enthusiasts, survivalists and those needing to prepare for the ZA.
triggers - Violence over all and in regards to children in one scene.

What would you do? How would you survive? During the first 33 days after patient zero follow a group of survivors as they are faced with the challenges of staying alive and ahead of the horde.

It is spring and the dead are defrosting their teeth and arising from the snow drifts..

Days with the Undead is finally here!