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Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective

Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective - Christine Amsden A lovely Paranormal fantasy whose leading lady has nothing paranormal about her!


You may remember a while back when I reviewed Christine Amsden’s Immortality Virus. I loved the book not just for the unique story, but because the author was able to give me a wonderful experience of a paranormal nature served up in such a nonchalant and casual way! Welp, she didn’t let me down with her New Adult Paranormal Fantasy, Cassie Scot Paranormal Investigator. To be able to deliver all this magic, vampires and mayhem without blinking an eye like it was unusual? Nope, not here just another day in the neighborhood!

I generally steer away from books labeled New Adult, but I think if it was popular when Immortality Virus came out we would have the same label. It is beyond a coming of age story, but at the same time I almost want to argue it is sort of one… gosh I am not making sense huh?> What happens when you graduate from college? You already have had your first love, your first lost and suffered many other things but now it is time to make your final step in becoming an adult.

Cassie Scot is in just this situation, and to top it off she is in a pickle that is not of her own creating. She comes from a powerful family, not just because of their status in town but because of their status as magical users. Her parents had seven children, a powerful magical number, and each child has a gift… at least all but Cassie. (I would seriously argue this but I will have to wait till book 2). Cassie dropped out of college and decided to become a police officer, but even that doesn’t pan out because she always has to keep the magical side of community hidden and it is to stressful.

So she starts her own private investigator business. Suffice it to say she spends a lot of time surfing the net. Until a job falls in her lap which ends up causing her to question it all — her current boyfriend of three years; a normal guy with no magic or the old passionate love of the bad boy in town from a family whose at odds with her own family and has been for years. Even her family loyalty after all she has been through .. love or loyalty? Hmm

Her faith in herself combined with her logic will get her out of this illogical situation. The magic and mystical aspects of this story are delightful and fun! I read it in one sitting, just like with her previous books. Love potions, vampires and fire balls… OH MY! The romance is light, it is totally safe for a teen as far as I am concerned. No swearing, no gratuitous sex scenes and though there is a bit of violence, it is no more than the YA series by Bisi Leyton I adore!

The mystery is solved in the end but there are still questions that make me excited to read the next installment! If there is not one? I can live with it, but I will pout.. a lot! But will she choose to marry the boyfriend, if he will have her back, or will she end up with the bad boy who is pretty steamy as far as I am concerned!? Will her family problems be solved? Will her parents decide that love is more important? Just what is the secret that needs seven children? Heck… confused? ha ha ha haha read the book because as you know….