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Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1

Slow Burn - Bobby Adair Nothing special and utterly disappointing

Utter disappointment. I don't care if there is a second book or what happens to ANY of these characters. No real character development took place so I never grew attached enough to care. I read some of the reviews and really was expecting this to be something fantastic and new. I am wallowing between a one and two star and the only reason it is getting two ON AMAZON on is because of the cover, here on GOODREADS a two means I thought it was OK, it is not OK to me, I did not like it, so GR is a harder rating curve. It is getting a one star because of a somewhat interesting concept (slow burn) and the clever title. Anything more would be to much love unfair and dishonest of me and how I felt. I am not trying to be mean, but I do not get how wonderful this supposedly is!?? Mind boggling. I bothered to write this review for a reason.

This is one book I judged by the cover, and the reviews and I regret it, totally regret it! I also learned a lesson, read on.

This was a fast read and I am still shocked it was over 200 pages since I read it so fast. Perhaps it was because I wanted to get to the great part everyone found which caused them to rate so high. I wanted, hoped that all the reviews I read were true. Apparently people have not read good zombie books because this is not one of them. It presented nothing special to be added to the zombie genre. A somewhat interesting concept with nothing to back up other than some speculation and .. it was just bad. Again a great cover but nothing close to a WOW or even a meh. I LOVE this genre, I read anything I can in it. I grabbed it because a friend shared the link because they know I read anything with zombies. I even like bad ones, the ones that do not take themselves to seriously that is. HECK I am a person who likes watching bad movies (as in Uwe Boll... ) as well as b-books because I love this genre so much.

Specifically, the character development is flat and almost missing entirely. I never really got emotionally attached nor did it make me want to know what happens next. I won't be buying the next one and am glad I didn't buy this but got it on an Amazon free day.**

It is a zombie book! I am suppose to care for survivors, not just like them but care what happens. Have some kind of reaction emotionally to them. Whether it be wanting them to be the next to be ate or to survive! Of the two most developed characters they were still flat and lifeless (and not in the good aka undead way :) ) If the main character (stupid --redact.. how about beyond cliche and a direct pop-culture reference to the point of meme-- name of Zed *rolling eyes*) was killed, I probably would breath a sigh of relief.*** Sorry I just would not waste your time especially if you are a zombie reader!

If I had paid for this I would not have any problem returning it.

** NOT because he (the protagonist) started off a mooch who was only needing rent money because he did not make enough as a barista or whatever else he was doing, but because even if he is suppose to be becoming the hero... it never happened, he never was able to make it BELIEVABLE no matter what cute girl he saves!! I really wish I had liked this, it would saved have me a world of hurt. But when a book has over 80 five star reviews, I felt compelled to give my own critical review because it (the story) fell FLAT for me.