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Blood and Magick (Deacon Chalk Occult Bounty Hunter)

Blood and Magick - James R. Tuck I adore ADORE this series and was thrilled to get a review copy of the third. James R. Tuck did not let me down what so ever. I ended up re-reading the second one and though it is not necessary (Tuck does a great quick recap without tons of info dump), it made my experience even more intense.

Lately I have read a bunch of Kim Harrison female-centric UF books and usually male orientated ones leave me bored, but for some reason Tuck manages to balance just the right of compassion, action, snark and bad-a$$ery you don't want it to stop. Plus, his car? And he is a tattoo artist? (oh in real life too) and and.. and he is NICE TO KIDS and girls and is just awesome! GO get the series and you won't be disappointed!

Oh BTW? None of these guys sparkle ............ at all! So wear a splatter jacket on your brain! *GRIN*

If you have not had the chance, check out his special short story from Deacon on my blog James R. Tuck gives Deacon some “FRESH INK” (Fourth-Wall Friday)