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Secondhand Stiff (The Odelia Grey Mysteries)

Secondhand Stiff - Sue Ann Jaffarian Coming December 8th, the 8th (grin) in this series packs a punch! I love a good cozy mystery, and even more a cozy full of real people! What a great read!

A new cozy series must read!! Now to get all the rest!! This is book No.8 and I fell into this without reading any of the others without any problems. I am truly and madly in love with Odelia and her mother, and her husband and the animals! What a hoot! Oh dear, that means I need the rest of them, all seven. I bet I could spend a week reading these back to back without blinking an eye.. You know I have to laugh, there have been many series I have fallen into because I found a copy at a local thrift store... so the basis for this mystery and how I fell into this read :) but I digress!

I am a huge cozy mystery fan but I find many of them create clues that are much to obvious. Miss Jaffarian was able to completely blindside me for much of the book and I rate a mystery on a scale from 1-10 on the obvious scale and this one rates about an 8.5 difficulty, which is pretty dang good! Honestly she totally had me by the toe for most of it! And the end, Oh me oh my! I cannot say much!

As usual with a cozy she sticks her nose where it does not belong and the cops do not like it. She has a nemesis, of course. And one of them is, or was, her mother. Also, this is not a pretty little HOT thing, she is pretty but she is not little. She is just find for her wonderful and loving hubby Greg, she occasionally gives herself a hard time about her weight but at the same time has no problem eating food and enjoying it. Hats off to Odelia! I am going to have to comeback and revisit her with a recipe in honor of this book. Who knows, maybe I can get the author to let me interview her!
Another nice thing, I usually have issues when they use a lot of name brand tech, this was done so well that I did not even blink. It won't be a problem with dating it when someone reads it decades from now, just look at Miss Marple! I had the chuckle a bit with the use of sockpuppet reviews I would suggest perhaps a few authors watch out because some folks may take this to heart of you pull these dirty tricks *mischievous grin*

Also, if Odelia's mom can blog *coughing* ohhh mother, get your act together and start reviewing and blogging all your books! Where do you guys think I got the bug to read from anyway? At least these kinds of books!