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How to Date a Werewolf (Rylie Cruz #1)

How to Date a Werewolf (Rylie Cruz #1) - Rose Pressey "How to Date a Werewolf Rule #1: Always tell your date how nice they look despite excess hair."

When I first read this book I had just finished reading a book for school, so my reading material was pretty intense. So, I was a bit embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed it. Let's face it we English Major's tend to be a bunch of elitists! But as another English princess reminded me, these types of books are the cotton candy of our reading life. When forced to read the heavies, its nice to sit down with a well compiled story full of campy humor, engaging adventure and flat out fun. This day and age it is these fun paranormal books like the Rylie Cruz series that do it for me.

It has a basic premise, girl lives with best friend, each have issues with men. Each have issues at certain times of the month, but unlike most female roomies Rylie's happens every full moon and requires razors not feminine products. She makes the best of her situation and community, and living in French Quarter of New Orleans makes it even easier, she runs a dating service for Supernaturals called Get a Mate! She is like any other girl, she collects delicate glass figurines, she has crushes and frets over what to wear and the male members of her family can be a bit over protective. The difference here? They don't need shotguns to threaten potential boyfriends, just a big smile will do it.

The problem is that Ryle believes she has the family curse hanging over her head. This particular pesky curse says she will never find true love, hence why she has a 100% success rate on finding other peoples true love. (Well all but one, but she is psychotic anyway!). What happens when the new tenant of the building ends up being a dreamy new doctor who is a straight up human and has her mouth salivating, and not in the wolfie kind of way, but in the “hot-to-trot I want to get you between the sheets” kind of way? Well, This is only the start of things getting complicated.

Add on top of that a troublesome Uncle, the psychotic unsatisfied customer, a stalker leaving her gifts, two unknown werewolves following her and well... it is the recipe spelling disaster for Rylie and more cookie munching, tea guzzling, snuggled under a blanket or digging my toes in the sand kind of fun! I couldn't wait for the next one to come out and ended up reading all she had to offer over the next week.

If you are looking for fun, adventure, snark and campy writing with a lot of personality and pizazz, Rose Pressey is your gal! Pick of this book and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!