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This Dark Magic

This Dark Magic - Chryse Wymer It is the perfect length for a short story, a nice quick read, except do not read it to quick or you will get a bit lost. The writing style is first person narrative, reading in an almost noir-esque fashion, somewhat like a private eye tale. The voice of Charlie Landers, our lead character, is what you would expect from a seasoned journalist in a small town and his internal dialogue a bit hard at times to follow where he is, is funny.

I think my only issue is that this would be a better NOVEL, there are missing spaces of time that are a bit confusing, but because it is a short story, it was put together in such a obviously staggered fashion, you are as much displaced as Charlie is!

The cast of characters is a hoot too, Master aka The Dork of Darkness! The descriptions of his coworkers, the colorful choice of metaphors and as I said noir-esque style of writing. Perhaps more of a parody of noir writing! It is a rumble tumble ride to save himself, despite having to turn to the one thing that does seem to scare him, (because running away from the cops certainly didn't), and that is dark magic! Who will get the switch in the end? Well you are going to have to fork over 99ยข and find out!

(This review is my own honest opinion. Though the book was gifted to me by the author from Amazon, she was providing it for my own enjoyment and there for this review was not solicited. I wanted to host it for my book meme Sunday Shorts. HOWEVER IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NEW FTC GUIDELINES I do, in addition to purchasing my own books for review, I also receive books free of charge in exchange for an honest review.)