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Life in Death

Life in Death - Harlow Drake I am giving this 2 stars for a few reasons and it is getting an extra star (I was goign to give it one) which I address at the end of the review. 1) It has great potential to be a very hard edged disturbing, shockingly dark meal of a book. However this NOVELLA was not a decent "meal" for my brain. It was like I got I got half way down the street and realized my fries were missing and it was to late to go back through the drive through, my burger tasted like it had been under the heater lamp for hours and considering I got this "meal" free with a coupon (KDP day), why bother to go and argue for my fries and a fresh burger, just was not worth it and my diet coke was cold and had ample ice.

**WARNING THIS MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS, I tried not too but it does elude to some events that may ruin the read***

Main problems were the believably. The instances with child protective services, the fact that a murder and white slave trafficker could remain under the radar for so long, and actually infiltrating someones life from at least 10 years on and they have no clue is beyond me, especially when we are dealing with CPS and the Police with their HIGHLY intense background checks. Even if I dispelled enough belief, this is a story based in our reality, not an alternate one so it makes it even harder.

Not to mention that I was unable to keep track of half of what was going on (and since I have a degree in literature, this means there is something seriously wrong with the story structuring). I think the writer has a GREAT idea for a story, this is NOT A NOVEL as stated, it is a novella. It took 90 minutes to read, well wait it took me three hours I had to read it twice I was so confused. I am not trying to be mean I was just baffled a bit, and I know that it had to have stuff edited out, it had to many cut scenes without segues and there were segues in other areas. So yes poorly edited.

The ending stunted it all for me. It made the most believable character the most unbelievable. HOWEVER, that being said, she is the reason for the 2 stars and not giving it a 1 star. It has the potential to make for a very interesting sociopathic criminal terror which could even have Dexter possibilities, IF SHE gets a better editor and someone who can really help her clean up her structuring style.

(I purchased this book prior to a read-a-long event for the book on July 15th. I have had it on my Kindle since April 2nd. This review is my own honest opinion and is unsolicited.IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NEW FTC GUIDELINES I do, in addition to purchasing my own books for review, also receive books free of charge in exchange for an honest review.)

(I have owned the book since April 2nd but read it for an a read-a-long EVENT HERE http://www.goodreads.com/event/show/534265-life-in-death-sundayshorts)