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Dark Waters (Celtic Legacy, 1)

Dark Waters (Celtic Legacy, 1) - Shannon Mayer (4.5 stars)

I loved the story. It was a fast read, perfect for the beach, a rainy afternoon or a sleepless night! But don't expect to be lulled to sleep, this story doesn't stop moving. As fast as it is happening for our protagonist, Quinn, is as fast as Mayer takes us along for the ride

I too cannot wait to see what lays ahead for Quinn! Will she face her mother? Will her sister stay true? Will Bres heart still belong to her?
The bond of sisters is one of the strongest within a family structure, and Quinn and Ashley are no exception to this rule. In the middle of the greatest evil and good force of their lives the two are set in a struggle to overcome blood and be true to that bond.

The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star review was the ending. She has her work cut out for her when it comes to this Medievalist and Arthurian Mythos junkie! If she does, I'll be back her to change it to five!