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The Ghoul Next Door (Larue Donavan, #3)

The Ghoul Next Door (Larue Donavan, #3) - Rose Pressey I'll never forget the day I read my first Rose Pressey novel. I was dealing with a big bought of depression and I ended up reading three in a row, one of which was the first Larue Donavan book. I was hooked and hunted her down on Twitter and told her so. She responded with a thank you, tickling me pink rose!.

Today was another one of my down days so I picked up a Rose book and read till I finished, which is sad because now I'm out of Rose books to read! (I've been hoarding this and two others and having a pretty rough few weeks I ended up finishing all of them!)

"The Ghoul Next Door" picks up where we last left Larue, dealing with the aftermath of black magic and allowing the herself to have someone she could call her own, Callahan. The sexy coffee store owner is there making her happy but a darker presence left over from the last book just wont go away. To top it off she's recruited into being part if a show called "Demon Hunters" and despite her past decides to accept. With Abe Lincoln and the rest of her ghosts gone, we also get to meet the new crew, which all but one are questionable characters to say the least!

Will her trust or distrust be enough to get her through? Will Callahan's past end up catching up with him? Will she finally accept her role as Coven Leader? Wait, there is more, much more...but again Larue must first accept and have faith in herself and with a little help with blueberry donuts, her best friend Mindy and Elvis she may be able to save the day and herself!

Truly the best of the series so far! If you haven't read a Rose Pressey book I suggest any of the series especially if you like your cozy with a bit of spunk, a touch of hope and a whole lot of chocolate. cherry lattes to wash down the donuts...I'll forgive her the diet coke!